Don’t lose time and money with laundry in Paris!


Don’t lose time and money with laundry in Paris!

Dear friends,

Welcome to Paris ! We are very happy that you chose our capital for your holidays or professional activities.

Paris is full of wonders: the most famous, the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Sacré Coeur, the Louvre or the Champs Elysées, but also those that await you, more unexpectedly, at a street corner, during a stroll along the Seine, or as part of a café or a small restaurant. Whatever the duration of your stay, you will not be able to go around all those moments of intense pleasure that Paris can offer.  But our idea is to allow you to make the most of your stay in Paris, for your visits but also all those little moments of pure relaxation that make a stay really successful.

So we imagined for you, a charter of the Rights of the visitor coming to live a few days or weeks in Paris:

No question of losing that precious time to handle chores! No superfluous money to spend in overcharged services when you could use the same amount to make you happy! If you are staying in a hotel, a cleaning service is offered: it is convenient, but for the contents of a small suitcase, it will cost you more than 200 euros, according to the calculations of Deenah, a customers who have discovered our service and testify on Yelp.

So Deenah tried another way to solve the problem: wash her clothes in the hotel bathtub and dry it with the hair dryer … not very successful and not very fun. She was about to lose two hours of this precious time spent discovering the pleasures of Paris, in a sad laundromat, when the Internet allowed her to discover our service.

Our company, Lavey-livrey, could take care of its laundry and make it washed, dried and folded for 10 times cheaper than the laundry of the hotel. And she would have no time to spend more, since we could collect her laundry at the reception of her hotel and bring it back in less than 24 hours, even 12 hours with a small supplement. Deenah and her husband, preferred, another possibility even more economical, come to meet us and discover our small shop of 38 rue d’Enghien in the tenth arrondissement.

We immediately sympathized: I speak English, and can also hold a little conversation in Portuguese and Mandarin. And above all, it is always a joy for me, as for the other speakers of Lavey-livrey, to welcome you, to talk with you about your place of life and your stay in Paris. Deenah and David took advantage of the two hours during which we took care of their linen, perfumed with the softener of their choice, to go to the small addresses that we recommended them near our shop, and came back delighted .

They wanted to immortalize our meeting, and posted photos and very nice comments on social networks.

Every day, we have the pleasure of treating the clothes of professionals present for a few weeks of work in Paris, who have tested and adopted our service. Every day, we go to the four corners of the capital, in many hotels pick up and drop off back the clean and folded clothes of their customers, having chosen via internet or the telephone to call upon our services. Some hotels have even realized that their one-piece pressing offer, disproportionate price, did not suit their customers’ everyday clothes and began to partner with Lavey-livrey to offer their customers two offers: One, high-end, for the suit of the businessman, and the other, much less expensive, for the maintenance of ordinary linen.

If you do not live in one of these hotels, do not be discouraged! You did the hardest … find us! You just have to call me at +33 My name is easy to remember: I am Matt from the laundromat.

Together, on the phone, we will organize things so that they best meet your wishes and your organization.

The laundry in Paris is definitely no longer a problem: contact Lavey-livrey and make the most of the beauties and pleasures of Paris!

Have a good stay with us!

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