General Terms and Conditions

Preamble / Definition

The general terms and conditions stated here define the rights and te obligations of the parties (the Company and the User within the framework of the website of the Company and the services proposed by the Company to the Users on it.)

These conditions and terms can be modified at any moment by the Company, but are opposable to the Users only from the moment when they are displayed on the website.

Making an order through the website implies that the general terms and conditions stated below are fully and completely approved.


Lavey livrey Paris’ foremost mission is to do their Clients’ laundry according to the processes of automatic laundries.

The Company also offer to their clients complementary services like the folding of their clothes, the pick-up and the delivery at the addresses which are indicated to Lavey Livrey Paris.

The washing service

Three major tools are provided by the Company for their Clients : gauged and identified bags, ordering forms and this website.

Each bag provided by the Company and used by the Client has a corresponding ordering form which registers the instructions for the laundry service – which include the choice of the washing product, of the softener, the washing, drying, collecting and delivering modalities) for the whole bag.

As an exclusive entity, the content of the bag would not be mixed with the laundry of somebody else in the washing and drying machines.

The Client is therefore invited to divide its laundry up, under its own liability, in several bags if different ways of washing and drying must be followed – according to the choice of the Client – for each of them as it would have done it in an automatic laundry.

The Company is charged to follow these instructions, but it cannot be, in any case, held accountable for an inadequate processing that followed the conditions of the Client for the right bag and for the subsequent consequences of this wrong choice.

The process decided by the Company (a bag is equal to a washing and a drying in one machine) annihilates the risk of confusion and limits the risk of loss.

To limit even more the chances of the risk to happen, the bag can be weighted when receiving it and when giving it back. However, this complementary control will have no value or will be irrelevant if

some clothes are wet or if there are some objects that are not meant to be washed (like money or jewellery…). The bags must not contain any object of this type. The Client can, in this case, be held accountable for some damage of the equipment of the Company.

The expected outcome of the washing and drying by the Company must be the same expected outcome of the washing and drying of an automatic laundry, according to the instructions of the Client, and should not be the outcome of a dry cleaner’s service. It therefore falls to the Client to deem whether the processing completed by the instructions will deliver the wished outcome or not.

The Company cannot be held accountable for problems like a non-disappearing stain, or the bleaching of clothes washed for the first time… while the instructions were not given by the Client.

The folding service

It will be possible for the Client to choose whether it wants its laundry to be returned washed and dried or washed, dried and folded and put in an appropriate package, for a supplementary cost

indicated in our price list.

Pick-up and delivery service

The Client can also through phoning, mailing or this website ask for a pick-up and the delivery of its laundry at its staying place or any other place. The Client must indicate accurately the access and the geographical position of this place (address, floor, codes…).

This option is however limited to the city of Paris. A slot will be defined for the pick-up and for the delivery. Its amplitude will be capped at thirty (30) minutes. It will be defined by the Client and the Company, and confirmed by the latter via mail, and then with a SMS ten (10) minutes before the arrival of its courier.

The Client engages himself to be present at the appointment. Any absence implies a new journey and the billing of its associated price.

The period of services

The Clients, who booked the washing-and-drying service and who respect the fixed dropp-off slot at our unit located at 38, rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris, can come and pick back their laundry within the

functioning period of the machines, with fifteen (15) minutes added. This period cannot be shortened corresponds to the chosen processing of the laundry. The average period is two (2) hours.

For the clients who ask for a folding service, thirty (30) minutes are added to this period.

Finally, the contractual period asked to the Clients who chose a pick-up and delivery at the place of their convenience, is twenty-four (24) hours. Nevertheless, some adjustments can be negotiated when calling on the phone of the head of the delivery service – possibly according to the proportion of the laundry and the level of constraints with which the company must deal. A corresponding price will be defined.

Prices and payment

Our rates and conditions of laundry processing and collection-delivery are specified in the “Price” tab of this site.
Payment is by cash or credit card (excluding American Express) at the time of return of laundry.


– Accuracy of the client information: the Client notably guarantees the information and the address of pick-up-delivery provided and will be faced with the consequences in terms of delay and overcharge for inaccurate or inexact information it provided.

– Rejection of processing: when receiving the laundry to be processed, the Company will be allowed to refuse to execute partially of totally the service and will state the reasons to the Client. The laundry will then be returned to the Client with no payment to be done.

– Problems on the website: the Company has strived to optimize the safety of its website through calling on partners which are recognized for their competence in this field : the Company disclaims all responsibility in the problems caused by a computer breakdown, the intrusion of a third party on the website, and more generally all the direct and indirect damages resulting from some flaws which sporadically affect the website.

– Case of force majeure: the Company will not be held accountable for any damage or delay – be it sustainable or not – caused by a case of force majeure defined by the jurisprudence

Litigation management

– Withdrawal period: the withdrawal period of an order made by the Client ends when the processing of the laundry begins in the unity of Lavey Lavrey – Paris which received the laundry. Before this moment, the withdrawal is possible without any fee, except those which are engaged for its pick-up (the whole price is to be paid if the withdrawal happens less than an hour before the planned appointment).

– Claim period: the Claim period of the Client is twenty-four (24) hours maximum after receiving the laundry in order to inform the Company of a non-quality.

– Non-qualities management: the causality of each claim will be thoroughly scrutinised by the Company: it can be held responsible only for the consequences of an inappropriate processing if it complies with the instructions provided by the Client on the ordering form. Were the instructions not to be followed or were a piece or some pieces of clothes to be lost (in the exclusive measurement where the bag has been weighted and witnesses it) or were a failure of the Company’s equipment to entail a damage, the Company will compensate the Client under the conditions stated below.

– Insurance: the Company is insured at la Compagnie Swisslife Assurances contract n° 013833678. Were the latter to intervene, in the context of a laundry service done according to the weight, the compensation of the harm will be maximally equal to six (6) times the price paid by the Client for the washing-drying service. In this framework, the Company advises its Clients not to include in the bags some valuable articles which would exceed the contractual compensation cap.

– The non-recollecting period: the laundry entrusted by the Client to the Company and not recollected within a three(3)-month period will be considered as destroyable by the Company.

– The competent court: the law which applies to these GCT is the French law. Any litigation which could result from the use of this website or from a subsequent order, and which will not be resolved amicably will be then submitted to the judgement of the French competent court.

Personal data protection

The data which concern the User and which are collected by the Company through this website will be used under the full respect of the law on Computer Science, on files and on liberties of 6 th January 1978, modified 6 th August 2004: the User will have the right of access and modificartion of its personal data at the following address: 303 rue des pointards 45200 Amilly.

The Company is allowed to compare these information in order to use them to inform or to build statistics.

Intellectual property

The Company is the only holder of the intellectual property rights and the personality rights related to them, notably brands rights, templates, originator rights and image rights.

The complete or partial use of the website (hierarchy, graphism, texts, pictures, etc.), notably through downloading, reproducing, transmission or representation for other purposes than for personal and private and non-commercial use is strictly forbidden. Any infringement of these rules will engage the responsibility of the contravening natural or legal person. Legal proceedings can be triggered, particularly for counterfeiting.


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