Greener and faster : Lavey Livrey delivery is now available on bicycles !


Greener and faster : Lavey Livrey delivery is now available on bicycles !

Dear Laundry Friends, 

Our favorite summer season is here! Nothing compares to Paris during the summer time. Days are longer, people are lively, and there is music everywhere. However, one of the downside to summer is the amount of visitors, which means longer queues for historical monuments. Lavey Livrey is here to save you valuable time during this precious vacation. It is one thing to wait in line for museums, but we cannot allow our visitors to waste anymore time doing laundry

To accommodate your schedules better, Lavey Livrey has some exciting news to bring laundry from and to you! 

Our delivery services were done with cars, as of July, we proudly announce, we have partnered up with Couriier, a local delivery-on-bicycles company, to reduce our carbon emissions. We understand the urgency of climate change and Lavey Livrey is making impactful changes to our business to align ourselves with our respect to the environment. From now on, our delivery services will be eco-friendly, in addition it supports other local enterprises. This new initiative will also benefit a lot of clients with tight schedules. 

Our new delivery service will decrease traveling time within Paris by avoiding traffic and blocked roads. It also allows more flexibility with our pick-up and delivery schedules. We now offer laundry services from start to finish within six hours, often times less! Travelers who have last minute laundry requests can definitely rely on us to do your laundry and make it in time for your next destination. 

(Note! large quantities and heavy orders will still be done with cars for efficiency and practicality) 

Let’s have a review of the comments we received for the month of July on Yelp and Google Comments. 

I can’t rave enough about this place. So Awesome. After traveling for 15 days we needed our cloths washed for our next 15 days vacation. I found this place on line and when we arrived in Paris I contacted Matt. I put 4 men’s jeans, 10 men’s shirts, 7 men’s underwear, 17 sets of socks, 14 ladies tops, 15 ladies pants, 1 PJ set in a large suitcase along with 50E for payment, and left it with the luggage hold at our hotel. I text him a copy of the hold ticket. Matt picked it up around 11am and by 8 pm the cleaned, folded cloths arrived. They smelled so good and everything was there, even some change…it did not even cost 50E. What a deal, I was so excited I found him. I wish there was more companies like his to find while traveling. Great job Matt! I know you will be so successful in life!!!! Great customer service!!!

Thank you P VD for your comments and photos. We are so glad you enjoyed our service and our softeners! If you would like to be featured on our next month’s comments, head over to Yelp or Google to leave us a comment! 

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