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We place our values at the heart of our know-how to provide you with the best service efficiently


The Lavey Livrey team welcomes you 6/7 days with open arms and smiles. We are here to help and provide any advice in a professional and convivial manner. Enjoy our service to make your life more easier.


Our main objective is to provide our service and our know-how with the best price. Our services frees you from your chores without impacting your expenses. Lavey Livrey is a service open to all, find our prices here.



At Lavey Livrey, our team is engaged to listen and take care of your clothes. We'll recommend the best methods and products most suitable to your clothes while preserving their quality. In all circumstances, We'll respect your instructions and follow them accordingly. 

Dear friends of the laundry

Your time is too precious, free yourself from chores! 

Lavey Livrey is a service created by Mathieu in 2016. The idea of this innovative laundry came from an observation: waiting for your clothes to dry at the laundromat is a real waste of time. The waste of time is often related to a waste of money.

Like many people, Mathieu has spent his fair share of time in laundromats in Paris and even in other countries. He understands the problems we face in laundromats such as machines not working, clothes still wet or worse, stained, and decolored. Therefore, Mathieu decided to solve these problems by opening his own laundry where the clothes of his clients are treated with care by professionals.

Starting from this idea to create an innovative laundry where advice and know-how are at the heart of the action. Lavey Livrey offers to pick up your laundry and take care of it while you enjoy your free time. Lavey Livrey offers you the best prices, at no extra cost, according to your needs.

Since the beginning of the operations, we have received countless positive feedback on time saved from our professional, seasonal, and local clients. Today, Lavey Livrey is a trusted laundry where exchanges and advice are shared.

In 2018, Lavey Livrey was ranked the best Laundry in Paris on Yelp and it is all thanks to you.

N’hésitez plus à profiter des services de Lavey Livrey pour votre linge. En effet, il y a tellement de choses à faire, comme découvrir la beauté de Paris, ses activités culturelles et ludiques. Mathieu et son équipe prendront en charge votre linge en respectant vos instructions, jusqu’à sa livraison. Lavey livrey est devenu Laverie Privee à Paris. Et si vous habitez Bordeaux rendez-vous sur Comptoir de la laverie.

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