Summer Season is here


Summer Season is here

Dear laundry friends,
Hello and welcome! We welcome you whom have decided to come to Paris
before the summer season. What a great way to save peak season hotel and
airplane prices. We have even greater news, Lavey Livrey is here to help you save more!
Our clients who stayed at a hotel in Paris have informed us that the hotel prices to wash one shirt is 10 euros and 15 euros for trousers. Don’t freak out by those prices, we promise you, you will not spend your hard-earned money on washing three pants. Lavey Livrey has the best deals with the fairest market prices. With just twelve euros we can have a medium sized bag washed, dried and folded with your choice of detergent and softener. Not only will we save you money, but we will also save you time!
Some tourists come to Paris and loose precious holiday time in a laundromat to evade expensive hotel prices. No! horrible mistake, the chateau de Versailles is waiting for you to be discovered. Let us take care of your laundry. We receive orders by your medium of choice: telephone, text, or through our website. Our telephone orders start at 9AM to 8PM. We are here to help take orders and follow your instructions on how to wash them. We offer pick up and delivery services too. You can leave your clothes at the hotel concierge at your most convenient time and we will come pick it up. We will handle the clothes with the uttermost care and return them sparkling clean. If you are in the neighbourhood, come to our shop! Our shop is open from Monday to Saturday 3- 8PM.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to Paris with the family, friend, your lover, for business for a solo trip of self-discovery, all that sight seeing plus the warmer weather makes it inevitable that you’ll need some laundry done! Plus, some metro lines do not offer air conditioner; it is no doubt that the holiday could get quite sweaty. Come visit us at our shop, call us, place an order on our website to make sure that your clothes are clean and looking fresh for those unforgettable experiences your vacation awaits.
Let’s have a review of the comments we received for the month of May on Yelp and Google Comments.
“I’m not a big yelp reviewer but Matt deserves all of the stars. we couldn’t justify using the hotel laundry services AGAIN at the outrageous prices but were in desperate need of clean clothes. he was prompt in responding to me, came to our hotel outside of business hours to work with our travel schedule (!!!) and returned our clothes 3 hours later perfectly clean, dried & folded. For a mere 29€ for a pile of dirty laundry. An absolute lifesaver while traveling abroad. Matt, we so appreciate you!”

Thank you Amanda for your comments. We completely agree with the hotel
laundry prices. If you would like to be featured on our next month’s comments, head over to Yelp or Google to leave us a comment!
Lastly, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! For more news and information please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Merci et à tantôt!

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